[plum] API Reference

Data Types / Transforms

Module Description
plum.array list of uniformly typed
plum.attrdict dictionary of uniquely typed items
plum.bigendian common transforms in big endian byte order
plum.bitfields integer with bit field accessors
plum.bytes bytes sequence
plum.decimal fixed point decimal numbers
plum.enum integer enumerated constants
plum.flag integer with bit flags
plum.float floating point
plum.int integer
plum.ipaddress IP address/network/interface objects
plum.items collection of uniquely typed items
plum.littleendian common transforms in little endian byte order
plum.none no bytes
plum.optional optional item
plum.sized variably sized object with size header
plum.str string
plum.structure predefined structure of uniquely typed members

Utility Classes/Functions

Class/Function Description
Buffer Bytes sequence incremental unpacker.
getbytes() Get bytes from bytes buffer.
pack() Pack values as bytes following a format.
pack_and_dump() Pack values as bytes and produce bytes summary following a format.
unpack() Unpack item(s) from bytes.
unpack_and_dump() Unpack item(s) from bytes and produce packed bytes summary.